Week (Beginning) Summary Milestone/Deliverable
1 (Jan 16) Introduction to IoT and Connected Products Mini Assignment 1 given, Readings #1 due
2 (Jan 23) Exploring Case Studies & Basic Sensor platforms Creative Assignment I given, Readings #2 due
3 (Jan 30) Design Methods for Networked Devices Assignment II given, Readings #3 due
4 (Feb 6) Perspectives on Envisioning Connectivity Assignment III given, Readings #4 due
5 (Feb 13) Considering Connectivity Assignment IV given, Readings #5 due
6 (Feb 20) Looking to the Future Final Assignment Given, Readings #6 due
7 (Feb 27) IoT Ecosystems -
8 (Mar 6) Final Presentations Final Assignment Due

Detailed Schedule

Week 1: Introduction to IoT and Connected Products

Tuesday Jan 17 Thursday Jan 19
General Introduction to the course. Introduction to framework
Introduction to IoT and ‘the Disappearing Computer’ Introduction to basic electronics for IoT
In Class Exercise #1: Defining the Internet of Things Building a first connected circuit
Mini Assignment: Product Hunt - Due: Tues 19th Jan  

Week 2: Exploring Case Studies & Basic Sensor platforms

Tuesday Jan 24 Thursday Jan 26
Discussing Case Studies and Product Hunt) Programming for IoT Continued
In Class Exercise II: Open Source Alternatives Introduction to soldering
Introduction to Creative Assignment I Building a basic connected sensor platform

Week 3: Designing Ambient Networked Devices

Tuesday Jan 31 Thursday Feb 2
In Class Exercise III Designing Behaviour for Advanced Output
Discussion: Ambience and the IoT Working with APIs + Data
Introduction to Creative Project #2 Prototyping Creative Project #2

Week 4: Perspectives on Envisioning Connectivity

Tuesday Feb 7 Thursday Feb 9
Project Review Communicating with two or more devices
In Class Exercise IV-a and IV-b Introduction to Creative Project #3
Groupwork on Assignment #2 Prototyping Creative Project #3

Week 5: Considering Connectivity

Tuesday Feb 14 Thursday Feb 16
In Class Exercise V Project Review
Introduction to Creative Project #4 Developing Creative Project #4

Week 6: Looking to the Future

Tuesday Feb 21 Thursday Feb 23
Project Review Milestone I: Familiarize
Introduction to Final project In-class critique of initial research
Brainstorming for final project Teamwork for final project

Week 7: IoT Ecosystems

Tuesday Feb 28 Thursday Mar 2
Milestone II: Vision Proposal Milestone III: Initial prototype
In-class critique of initial proposals In-class critique of initial prototype
Teamwork and prototyping for final project Teamwork and prototyping for final project

Week 8: Final Showcase

Final projects will be demonstrated in an open review and critique with invited faculty on Wednesday 8th March from 2pm-4pm

Tuesday Mar 7 Wednesday Mar 8
Milestone IV: Presentation Draft Setup and dry run
In-class presentation of final vision presentation Presentations to Faculty (5 mins per team)
Final Hacksession for Prototypes Tour/open review of demonstrations.